7th International Sociodrama Conference: 24th - 28th june 2020

The 7th International Conference on Sociodrama will take place from 24 to 28 June 2020 in the Lisbon Region and will have around 400 participants from all over the world.
It is an important international event for all those interested in social and community intervention.

This Conference will be four days of presentations and workshops. They will be held in the conference rooms and also in the local community. Both will led by international experts in the practices of Sociodrama, Sociometry and Sociatry.
Several aspects of the method will be either demonstrated or applied in different contexts (clinical, educational, institutional and community).
Apart from an opportunity for professional training, it is also a moment of social healing applied to the surrounding community.
The idea is that several workshops will take place in local institutions, such as schools, hospitals, companies, public squares and even local authorities.


Message of Ron Wiener (UK):

thanks Manuela for the excellent ground work you have already done.
My only issue would be getting the balance right in-between participatory sociodrama in the community and a sociodrama more typical conference given that the conference will attract a number of participants new to the subject who might find conventional workshops as useful as those engaging the wider community.
So all the best for 2020
I miss you already

Photo of the 4rd Int. Sociodrama Conference


Sociodrama in the School: Colégio Estadual João Goulart (Balneário de Camboriú, BR)

The Project "Escola Doce Esola", that means "School sweet school", started just after the 6th International Sociodrama Conference (in Balneário de Camboriú, Brasil), with the aim to attend the school youth at João Goulart State College, in a partnership between Instituto IncisoDH and the school board. This project will now enter in the classrooms, to promote good relations among young people and to prevent bad behaviors and bad habits, such as drug use and self-harm, using Sociodrama. "Education is the best way to prevent" is the name of the new project of the João Goulart College that will take the sociodrama, from the school theater, to the classrooms, weekly.